Owen Rafferty Sound Design

Dev’s Army

A rich dark comedy in the grand Irish tradition - instantly recognisable characters and oozing charm. This play peeks into the classic subtleties of Irish allegiances through local defence volunteers and a 'body on the beach' - nothing is as black and white as we think when it's coloured green. The play won the Forever Manchester Award at the Not Part Of Festival and the Best New Writing Award at the Buxton Fringe Festival where is was also nominated for Best Production and Richard Sails was nominated for Best Actor.
“Evocative sound design”   - UK Theatre Network “A well crafted audio montage sets the scene”   - Fringe Guru “Perfect Atmosphere”   - Large Manchester (link broken)

Sound design

Prelude An audio montage in the form of a radio broadcast, setting the scene of the play with a series of relevant clips of WWII era music and key historical speeches by Winston Churchill and Eamon De Valera.
Final Broadcast (outro) This outro to the play underscores its tragic ending by connecting it to the unfortunate events of Ireland in the 2nd half of the century. Leads into the ending music: "Loyal to no-one" by the Dropkick Murphys.